Team coaching

Achieve a new dynamic for yourself and your team with enhanced engagement, cohesion and performance.

Whether you’re a newly formed team or an established one, team coaching helps create the best possible conditions for you to do better, and go further, together.

These days, teams face different challenges than in the past, but the drivers for team success remain true.

In fast-paced environments, being able to work together in teams is crucial. However, putting together a group of people doesn’t necessarily make them a team, and certainly not a high-performing one. 

Taking time to set new teams up for success – or help existing teams get back on track – can make all the difference.

How can team coaching help ?

Team coaching builds and reinforces bonds, improves cohesion and collaboration. It also allows for more effective allocation of responsibilities and tasks within the team.

By using a strengths-based approach – for instance with Gallup’s CliftonStrengths Assessment tool – Neolis team coaching offers individual team members a deeper understanding of their own talents.

This helps the team as a whole to better leverage its collective power to overcome barriers and unlock its full potential.

What does team coaching look like ?

For any kind of team coaching to have the desired impact, it needs to be rooted in the team’s reality, with clearly defined objectives. It also needs to be a positive, inclusive and fun experience.

All our team coaching is tailored to your specific needs, and includes :


An initial discussion with the team lead

We explore the business context, look at current team dynamics, define the objectives, and discuss the logistics of the coaching. This lays the foundations for what’s to come.


Individual discussions with all team members

Helping individuals understand the results of their initial strength assessment gives them a solid start. Each team member decides how deep they want to go in this discussion.


One or more groups sessions

These fun, collaborative, and action-driven sessions are designed to help the team achieve their overall objectives. Active participation is encouraged to always respecting boundaries.


Feedback session with the team lead

We summarise the learnings and outcomes, share our observations of the session or sessions, and discuss how to maintain the positive momentum within the team.

Depending on your team’s objectives and the support needed, we can suggest different ongoing coaching approaches. For example, quarterly team coaching or monthly follow-ups with the team lead or selected members.

What our clients say about us

S. Scarmure
Group CDO at BPost

The team coaching using the Gallup talents helped us understanding our strengths and weaknesses as individuals and as a team.

R. Van Acker
Managing Partner at Oquila

Christelle provided some very useful insights & tips to our team on how we can leverage our strengths both in our professional as personal lives.

G. Dantin
Co-founder at Team4Job

The coaching sessions are an opportunity to get to know each other better, strengthen team synergies and improve collaboration. The approach, professional and human, creates the trust needed to achieve the objectives.

Want to combine a team- building event with coaching ?

Perhaps you’re not ready yet for a whole team coaching programme, but would still like to kick-start a new team dynamic. A half-day of team coaching that energises and connects people can do just that.

Our simplified version of the CliftonStrengths assessment allows team members to discover their top five talents and briefly discuss them with the coach during a 30-minute call before the event.

The team-building event combines fun and interactivity with meaningful exchanges, resulting in concrete actions to drive your team forward.

Case study – Leadership Development
Feedback Culture
Isabel Group

With the company shifting from a traditional yearly evaluation cycle to a more continuous feedback culture, Isabel Group wanted to make sure its people managers were well-equipped to embrace and implement the new approach.

Together with the Isabel team, we developed a coaching programme that combined a 360-degree assessment to raise self-awareness, individual coaching to identify areas for improvement, and group discussion to share learnings.

Case study – Team coaching
pi life sciences consultancy

In the context of a strategy refresh exercise, Neolis facilitated group coaching sessions with the pi life sciences management team to help them discover and activate their key strengths and talents.  Gallup’s CliftonStrengths assessment tool was used to accelerate the process.

“The added value generated by the coaching – focusing on the strengths of my new team – was tremendous : people understood how they fitted in the organizational puzzle and discovered their true potential in the strategy and journey we defined together.” 
Vera Goossens – Managing Director

Frequent questions

Our goal is always to adapt to your needs, so if you use a different assessment tool or tools, we will explore together to see if they can be used as a starting point for the team coaching.

Team coaching sessions are usually face-to-face, whereas individual discussions may take place in person or online.

Of course. If the team is interested in continuing the journey, it’s possible to transition to a more comprehensive team-based coaching journey.  

If some participants have more specific needs – whether following a team-building event or during/after a team coaching journey, – an individual coaching approach may a good idea.

Bring out the best in your team

Give your team the best chances for success by improving cohesion and collaboration, and ensuring that everyone is making the most of their talents. Let’s discuss the kind of team coaching that could trigger the start of a new, positive dynamic for your team.