Leadership development

Instil modern leadership qualities and capabilities needed in today’s ever-evolving business landscape.

Our tailor-made programmes empower your current and future leaders to lead authentically, nurture collaboration, and be inspiring agents of change.

It has never been more important to maximise the effectiveness of your business leaders.

The pace and scale of change is increasing dramatically and the business landscape is more fluid than ever – leaders are faced with unprecedented challenges that need new skills, new capabilities and new perspectives.

To not only survive, but thrive in our global marketplace, you need an effective, measurable, and scalable way to enable your current and future leaders.

A rounded learning experience that’s unlike any traditional training course.

Whether you choose a short or more extended programme, you can be sure it won’t resemble a traditional training course.  Sessions are dynamic and engaging, designed to  maximise learning opportunities. And we integrate coaching techniques that spark insights and action.

Longer programmes often incorporate coaching sessions or additional assignments between leadership development sessions to a continuous journey towards individual and collective growth. 

Let’s build the leadership development programme your company needs.

Your organisation is unique, with its own challenges, needs, ambitions and culture, so you need a leadership development programme that is just as distinctive.

Rooted in your company’s reality

We define an approach based on a clear and in-depth understanding of your business: context, company culture and values, specific challenges, and the needs of the participants.

Content tailored to your objectives

Together, we select Neolis content in line with your programme’s objectives, then tailor it for your specific context. Where relevant, we can include in-house content or work with selected partners.

Flexible, collaborative approach

We liaise closely with you throughout the programme, from design to execution. Regular checkpoints allow us to adapt quickly based on participant feedback or changing business needs.

How we maximize the impact

When you invest in a leadership development programme, you want to be sure of actionable, measurable, and sustainable results. Every programme we create is unique, but you’ll find these key elements in every one :

Focusing on behaviour change

Rather than simply transferring knowledge, we focus on helping leaders translate that knowledge and awareness into behaviour change that helps them do their job better.

Monitoring and measurement

Based on your needs, we include baseline measurement, self-assessments, 360° reviews, feedback surveys and other ways of monitoring individual and collective progress.

Extending the reach

As well as offering relevant, engaging content and mixing remote and in-person sessions to add flexibility, we also promote peer-to-peer and teach-back learning opportunities.

Sustaining results over time

Turning new behaviours into habits takes time. We pave the way for continued progress beyond the end of the core programme, so your investment pays off in the long term.

What participants say about us


I liked the interactivity with the colleagues, the positive vibes and the fact that the models can applied in real life


I loved the training, more than worth the invested time. Good to have mixed groups with all levels of managers. Inspiring, good material. Now I will take it step by step to improve.


The group sessions and the individual coaching made me reflect on my natural strengths & abilities, how I can use them more and how they stand in the way sometimes.


Huge impact! Having an external coach really opened my perspective, and drastically changed the way I manage projects and the blend of personal and professional life.


Very grateful for this course. It helped develop myself as a manager and realise I’m not alone in my uncertanties I have sometimes


The training changed my perspective on productivity, reinforce my leadership habits by formalizing concepts, and made me dare to be owner of my personal way of working.


This training helped me grow as a manager and as a person.  The mix between theory and practice was ideal and the coaching helped me put the new models in action.


Refreshing and thought provoking


It provided me with new insights and was really helpful in applying on day to day situations. The coaches are very good and knowledgeable!


The program was excellent! Good content and also providing a vocabulary for the leadership team to continue working on in the organization.

Case study – Leadership Development
Feedback Culture
Isabel Group

With the company shifting from a traditional yearly evaluation cycle to a more continuous feedback culture, Isabel Group wanted to make sure its people managers were well-equipped to embrace and implement the new approach.

Together with the Isabel team, we developed a coaching programme that combined a 360-degree assessment to raise self-awareness, individual coaching to identify areas for improvement, and group discussion to share learnings.

Case study – Leadership Development
Core Leadership Program
Isabel Group

To reinforce its position in the fast-paced fintech space, Isabel Group wanted a leadership programme that would immerse newly promoted and newly hired people managers in the company’s culture and get them off to a great start.

Working closely with the Isabel team, we co-created a learning journey that aligned strongly with the company’s strategy and values, introduced practical tools and techniques, and offered a memorable experience with valuable networking opportunities.

Case study – Leadership Development
Leading through Change
ABN AMRO Private Banking

With the banking industry facing unprecedented upheaval, ABN AMRO Private Banking Belgium wanted to reinforce leadership practices through a programme aimed at helping leaders be inspiring agents of change and contribute to the bank’s long-term success.

Collaborating closely with the bank’s HR team, we developed a seven-month programme that took 75 participants on a journey of self-discovery and skills-building.

Case study – Leadership Development
Senior Manager Training
Kellen Europe

After months of home-working due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kellen Europe wanted to give Senior Association Managers new tools to develop their leadership skills. They reached out to Neolis for a tailor-made leadership development programme.

The group were highly engaged throughout the programme, and two weeks after the last session, 100% of participants confirmed that they had taken specific action or changed their behaviour based on what they had learned.

Frequent questions

When several people in your organisation share a similar challenge, or want to get better at a specific skill, training can be the most effective approach. Adding individual coaching sessions in parallel, as we recommend in our leadership development approach, maximises the impact.

Our tailor-made programmes can be targeted to different levels, for example, executives, senior leaders, or first-line managers.

Some companies prefer to have a tailored journey per level, while others blend all seniorities in the same programme. 

We also create custom programmes for specific target groups such as high potentials, women in leadership, and newly promoted managers.

We start from the specific challenges and needs of your audience to design a tailored programme.  Most of our clients choose to include one or multiple existing Neolis modules.

Some examples :

  • Personal productivity (time management, setting priorities, delegation, setting boundaries, focus, email and meeting management)
  • Maintain the balance (work-life integration, healthy mind, stress management and burnout prevention)
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Coaching skills for managers
  • Authentic, strengths based leadership
  • Giving and receiving feedback, objective setting
  • Change management (resilience to change and leading teams through change)
  • Communication (assertive communication, courageous conversations, psychological safety)
  • Creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship
  • Building strong teams (trust, strengths based teams, motivation, empowerment)


We can tailor content in a variety of ways, including the duration, level of detail, and quantity of exercises. Examples, exercises and roleplays are adapted to your specific context, and we adapt terminology to what your company uses.

When relevant, we can also include your internal modules into the programme. Our goal is always to build on, not replace, what already exists.

Many corporate learning programmes are designed with popularity and high participant ratings in mind. However, this is not what matters most. What you want is impact: improved performance and behaviour change.

All our learning programmes are designed according to the principles of the AGES model from the NeuroLeadership Institute. Based on neuroscience research, this models defines the four conditions needed to activate the hippocampus, the part of the brain that’s active when new information is embedded into long-term memory: attention, generation, emotion and spacing.

Want to know more about this? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

We currently collaborate with StreetwiZe and Better Minds at Work.

If you have other partners in mind, or would like to integrate internal modules in the programme, we’ll be happy to explore this.

These kinds of assessments are of course not mandatory, but useful. If you already have internal assessments, we can integrate these into your programme so can you leverage that earlier investment.

If not, we will discuss whether or not these kind of assessments makes sense for your situation, and propose the most appropriate one. Our certified coaches will guide the participants in understanding their profiles.

Put your business in safe hands

Future-proof your organisation with an effective leadership development programme that empowers leaders to lead authentically, nurture collaboration and innovation, and be inspiring agents of change.