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Core Leadership Program
Isabel Group

To reinforce its position in the fast-paced fintech space, Isabel Group wanted a leadership programme that would immerse newly promoted and newly hired people managers in the company’s culture and get them off to a great start.

Working closely with the Isabel team, we co-created a learning journey that aligned strongly with the company’s strategy and values, introduced practical tools and techniques, and offered a memorable experience with valuable networking opportunities.

Isabel Group

Isabel Group is Belgium's largest fintech company. It helps banks, businesses and accounting firms streamline their administrative processes by ensuring the smooth and secure exchange of documents, payments and identities between all parties in their financial chain. Thanks to this seamless flow of information and transactions, organisations gain new insights and are empowered to make better decisions.

The context

As a leader in the fintech space, Isabel Group understands the importance of effective and aligned leadership in achieving its mission and increasing its impact beyond Belgium’s borders.

To align its people managers behind a common culture, connect them with the Isabel strategy, and equip them with the leadership skills required to thrive in a complex and changing world, the company wanted to develop a leadership training programme. The goal was to have a programme that all people leaders would follow within the first year of being promoted into, or joining Isabel in a leadership position.

What we did

Working closely together with the Isabel team, we co-created a learning journey that met a series of specific requirements: it needed to be strongly aligned with the Isabel strategy and values, take a hands-on approach with practical tools and techniques, and offer an enjoyable experience and networking opportunities.

The programme consists of six full days spread over a period of six months, with each day covering a single module. The modules blend Neolis content with internal Isabel elements, and include a selection of guest speakers to bring first-hand experience and inspiration.

Because people learn better when they are emotionally connected, and remember better when they experience content rather than just listening to it, we include a series of interactive activities – Lego Serious Play, group activities and peer-to-peer exchanges all contribute to creating a memorable experience with diverse learning opportunities. During each session, we invite Isabel senior leaders to take centre stage, giving them an opportunity to share their own journey and answer questions from the participants.

To increase the reach of this new programme and create a consistent vocabulary across the entire leadership team, we also delivered a selection of modules to a broader audience, covering all people managers at Isabel irrespective of how long they had been in their role. By blending senior leadership and first-line managers, we foster rich interactions and new connections that can increase cross-team and cross-level collaboration.

The results

Across the six modules, our feedback survey shows that 92% of the participants found the sessions relevant to their growth as leaders. But immediate satisfaction with the training is not the most important measure of success; what matters most is whether or not participants take action based on what they learned.

At the end of the programme, 100% of the participants indicated that they changed their behaviour following the training. And not just one change. On average, participants instigated change in more than four different domains, the most frequent being: having more courageous conversations, giving and receiving feedback, listening more, and building trust within their team.

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